A vampire roleplay loosely based off of Tsukihime. Come and enjoy the night in this alternate universe.
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 Izael Madayo

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PostSubject: Izael Madayo   Izael Madayo Icon_minitimeSat Mar 21, 2009 11:51 pm

Name:Izael Madayo
Birth Date: Unknown(celebrated his birhtday on August 24, the day he was left on his father's door)
Race: Human
Alignment: Good

-Hair:Black and slicked back
-Skin Colour:Slightly tan
-Clothing:Izael wears a black sleevless flack jacket with a crimson cross design on the front and a crimson coat with a black cross design on the back with the sides of the cross stretching down the back of his sleeves. He has black pants with crimson and black boots, black leather gloves and his hands and crimson tinted shades.
-Other:*He has a light beared that connect tohis sideburns and cover his chin and jaw.

Main Ability: N/A

Personality:Izael is easily explained as the silent hero. He is very serious about everything and is never seen smiling. He keeps to himself most of the time and only speaks about important matters. Izael also seems to have a kind heart, carrying out random acts of charity whenever he sees distress.

History:A baby boy was left on the door step of a minister of the church on the night of August twenty fourth. The minister was well known among his peers and superiors and is well liked. The minister took the baby in and showed the others of the church. The others did not like him and thought they sensed a demonic presence among him, but the minister, Father Madayo, liked the boy and decided to raise him, giving him the name Izael.

Growing up he seemed very dark. Other kids shunned him and those of the church looked at him like he was filth, the onlything that seemed to bring him happiness was his papa Madayo. Madayo seemed very protective of him after some time and tried to protect him from the others of the church after hearing that the other ministers believe him to be a demon. One night upon Madayo's return he was beaten up and bloodied beyond treatment. Upon his death he requested they do not bring harm to Izael, and the others having respect for Madayo didn't bring any harm to it. Izael felt that the one's that brought his father to his death were the evil monsters of legend.

Izael requested that he be trained to become a Burial agent and thoseof the church accepted, seeing it as a way for him to be killed on his own.
Izael recieved his holy weapon upon completing his training. As of now Izael over exerts himself with missions and is constantly killing the likes of the vampires, demons and werewolves.

RP Sample:

The trees of the forest were covered in a dark orange lighting as the imposing figure walked the woods, dawn would soon be coming. He made a light rustling sound as he stepped through the grass. His jacket swayed as his face was blocked by the hood. Any man with eyes could tell he was paying atention. He stopped for a few seconds and just waited there. In a split second he drew his left gun and pointed it to the side. He was aimed right at a small woodland creature he didn't care to identify. He lowered his gun to the side and sighed. Quickly he spun drawing his right pistol and shot up. The blood from the offender flew in the air as it's now lifeless body fell to the ground. He held out his arms and pointed his guns to the side. A full black cross could be seen as his hood slowly fell of of his head.

Those that were forsaken by the sun, I shall relinquish you from this land and send you to the fiery doom of the devil's sanctum where you belong.

He turned around and shot both guns forward, shooting two vampires in the heart. He shot his right gun to the side shooting another in the leg and batting him with the side of the barrel and brought his left up planting a bullet between his eyes. Izael kicked the one on the floor and shot him in the neck. The swarm of vampires seem to have come from all angles, she shot almost unconsciously. His work had been tedious over the past several years. Nothing to it, just point and pull the trigger. It almost seemed as if this routine has been imprinted into his very soul. His guns clicked as no more bullets shot out. Izael swung his left gun while releasing the clip, sending it flying into a nearby hostile’s forehead, he did the same with another on his flank, except timing it so he would slip on it and fall. Izael swung the his twin guns at his belt, reloading each with a clip and pointing them at their respective targets, killing them each with a single bullet.

The blood shed lasted for a few more hours, the surrounding woodlands had een smeared with the tainted blood of the vampires. Izael held his guns to his side, the barrels smoking from the constant gunfire. He crossed his arms and placed them in their holsters and held his arms to his side once again. He stepped carefully over the now lifeless corpses and stood atop small hill. The sun slowly rose above the horizon. He slowly took off his shades and stared at the orange sun. It was imprinted in his soul, but it wasn’t the meaningless killing that was, it was his father’s will for purity. He smiled as a small tear reached his upper lip.
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PostSubject: Re: Izael Madayo   Izael Madayo Icon_minitimeWed Apr 15, 2009 1:21 am

Awww... D: Touching sample. Approved
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Izael Madayo
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