A vampire roleplay loosely based off of Tsukihime. Come and enjoy the night in this alternate universe.
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 Daisuke Hanata

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PostSubject: Daisuke Hanata   Daisuke Hanata Icon_minitimeSat Mar 21, 2009 10:25 pm

Name:Daisuke Hanata
Approximate Age:100
Appearance Age:19
Birth Date: May 4th
Race: Vampire

-Hair:pitch black
-Eyes:dark brown
-Skin Colour:lighter than most human skin
-Clothing:Sports sleeveless shirt, with Black jeans, Silver belt, and Combat boots.
-Other:*Always has his right hand in a biker's glove.

Main ability: Healing faster than most vampires.

Personality: His quiet most of the time, but also a great friend to help out, but he's no push over. He will react with force if in danger or threatened, also has a split personality from an unknown source. Still tries to find out who the personality is.

History:He has lived with his parents, up till he was ten, at that age his parents have been found as vampires, and so he fled once seeing his parents being killed. He started scouting across the cities, feeding to keep himself alive, and also trying to live a normal life in a way, but knowing his a vampire he could not. At age 17 he has seen a full blood red moon, and so he has passed out the entire day, and woke up with a split personality in him. A sadistic, malicious, blood thirsty persona, and so his looking for clues or whereabouts of his other person, knowingly, he has a strong feeling this persona is close to him.

RP Sample:"Get the hell out of our tavern you thief!" the tavern host thrusts through the doors, and pulled a young man to his knees outside, as if he was a book being thrown into a fire in the old era. "You steal again Boy, and i will have your hand's as my display trophies on the front door!" he host yells at the young man trying to sit up, giving the host a devilish look. "Get out of here, your a piece of trash anyway, begone!" the host's hands wave at him as he walks back into his drunken building. The young man struggles to stand up as he spit out the drink he has consumed, and starts heading down the road hoping to find a resting place "Don't listen to him... his just a mere human... you can easily kill him, and drink his life away as you wish!" his inner voice tells him. "No... his just a pitiful one... he does not understand us... let him be... i just care about who you truly are..." the young man continues on, towards a small building with the letters engraved, "INN".

Upon morning, he was wondering why the sun does not hurt him? As it does to other vampires. "It's easy kid, you have me!" explained the inner voice, but the young man shook his head while dressing in his casual clothes, and heads off to look for information once more. Coming across a small shop of weapons, his interests in swords catch his eye as he looks at them with full attention. "Like it kid? Wonder how much does it cost..." gently rising from his kneeling position from looking at the swords, he asks the vendor how much for a old broad double bladed sword is. The young man leaves the shop after hearing it is a few pounds of gold for a mere blade, walking down the road another shop catches his eye, but it disturbs him for being a vampire hunter's shop. "What you looking at boy? Find yourself in a vampire trouble? We have the finest Crosses, and Stakes in the world!" the vendor excitingly approaches the young man. "No... No thanks, i do not have any troubles with a vampire..." he replies gently, while lightly being shaken from the mere thought of being stabbed in the heart by one of those stakes. "Very well then, let your friends know that I'm here, if they ever need a Cross or a Stake, I'm their man!" the vendor chuckles loudly being filled with pride for his weapons. The young man sets off again, thinking it is time to leave the village, and look else were.
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PostSubject: Re: Daisuke Hanata   Daisuke Hanata Icon_minitimeSat Mar 21, 2009 11:08 pm

Normally, I'd like the sample to be longer, but it doesn't look as though you'd squeeze any more out on this one. Good job, though. Accepted.
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Daisuke Hanata
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