A vampire roleplay loosely based off of Tsukihime. Come and enjoy the night in this alternate universe.
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 Tipsy topsy, thrills of a lifetime

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Tipsy topsy, thrills of a lifetime Empty
PostSubject: Tipsy topsy, thrills of a lifetime   Tipsy topsy, thrills of a lifetime Icon_minitimeThu Apr 23, 2009 7:34 am

Wandering and pondering. Both on the same side of the coin as Franz pondered and wandered. He was taking a little stroll in this Kyoto. Lost as ever as he can be. Not only he can't speak Japanese, but he also doesn't know the country at all. He was strolling blind, being bind to the land with nothing but the sand on his hands. Nothing so special about the temples around but perhaps another sound of decay with no ray of interest from the venerable Franz. He didn't care about this or that, only to have fun.

Maybe by luck someone will come to him, maybe not. Maybe a demon or a vampire, or even a human. How delightfully intricate for he has nothing better to do than to look for some form of pleasure. A succubus! That's what he needs. But where in the name of Helsinki can he find a Succubus in the middle of a temple in some city which he doesn't even know about? Who knows, he'll just stroll around and have his fill of fun with a thrill.

He finally stopped strolling when he saw a giant Buddha statue made out of gold. Some bald man who smiles all the time. The very smile made Franz quiver. He was smiling like a pedophile at Franz... just staring there at nothing... nothing at all. Somehow, the statue reminded him of his Mistress. Was she always that bad? Then again, she was attractive for a thousand year old pedophile who has a turn on for blonde teenagers. All in a day's work supposedly. She knew how to do things that'd put a Succubus to shame. Maybe this is Franz missing her? Was she that valuable to him? Did she know how to do things that most people would die for... literally? Perhaps, perhaps not. Mishaps are the taps. For now, he stared at the Buddha, expecting someone to pop in or something similar to that top.
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Tipsy topsy, thrills of a lifetime
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