A vampire roleplay loosely based off of Tsukihime. Come and enjoy the night in this alternate universe.
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 Tensenga Numai (Vampire)

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Tensenga Numai

Tensenga Numai

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PostSubject: Tensenga Numai (Vampire)   Tensenga Numai (Vampire) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 20, 2009 9:14 pm

Name: Tensenga Numai
Gender: Male
Approximate Age: Unknown
Appearance Age: 21
Birth Date: November 20
Race: Vampire
Nationality: Japan
Alignment: Good

-Height: 5'6
-Weight: 124Lbs
-Hair: Silver with depth into it.
-Eyes: Violet with a tint of crimson in them.
-Skin Colour: Light Skinned that doesn't go too pale but will have that blend in with humans.
-Clothing: Mainly black and always with a long leather coat-like jacket.

Main ability: User of Purple(weak but stronger than normal flames) & Crimson(strongest flames he has) flames, due to his clan as the Yasakani clan.

Personality: Ten is one who can set his emotions aside for a while but for long. Depending on the corresponding situation he is in, then his emotions would react to it or the opposite since he tries to be optimistic as much as he may. Yet whenever he sees someone who annoys him he would be rude, loud, and immature without knowing it. The same goes when he is with someone who he takes a liking when it comes to knowing but he acts more calm, quiet, and shy. You'll always find him calm, reserved, and not much of an interactive person. This is because he is a bit up tight and rather work ahead and not be lazy and be on top of things with alert everyday. All for it to meet his pleasures if seeing things go his way if it is logically right. That is why he is shy or what you call silent. Accepting opinions, ideas, and other things to get a better understanding to just give direct answers. An as for calm, he's always been like that because of his methods that state, "if today is a bad day then make the best for it may be your last", or, "live another day and die another day". Then there are some days he will be lazy and careless, perhaps a week top of that action.
History: Ten had always lived the weird Vampire style. He has tried to Co-op with humans yet never fully succeeding that. He still tries though and does it in a small number of people to get things going before a large crowd. Yet if there's one thing he can't control is the deadly vibe he always gives off to others. Mainly all his efforts are because he feel in love with a mortal girl and ever since her death he had been doing this. Her death triggered his acceptance of human society, yet let alone he too was displeased by it.

A few years later he finally merges from his slumber to see the world. How it has corrupted or blessed. Ten had been sleeping in this coffin of his over 600 years. No one knows f him anymore. It's been longer then that since any Vampire has seen him. Maybe a few Demons may recognize him other then that he is a mysterious being who plays the violin at night. Yes, his only known habit of addiction is playing the violin. An instrument his love gave to him during her life. He always carries this thing around him along with his silver blade katana. The blade had came from long ago back in his trip from Japan during the feudal era. Yet he keeps remodeling it to keep it around for the centuries.

RP Sample:

Tensenga had been wondering around the old grave yard once again. In this graveyard of stones was actualy more of a courtyard. He stood alone on top of a statue that resembled an unknown figure of a man. It was covered in mold and leaves. Too difficult to be seen clearly nor was it interesting. Tensenga stood on it's shoulders anyways. Looking up at the bright moon with the wind slowly whistling a tune around with it's natural beauty. His violin had appeared from under his black cloak. Keeping it always there. His katana wrapped around his back in it's sheath. Slowly raising the violin he began to adjust it's tunes. "You're getting old my friend..", he said softly to the violin. As if it was truely a living thing.

He finally began to play the violin. Slowly and steadily at first. To get the mood with the wind's whistle and his own melody along with it. Not too troublesome for a Vampire like him. He did not control the wind, it moved on it's own as well. The sound he played was extremely amazing. Something full of sorrow and such passion. A lust or craving to be known. That was it's tone. It's foreplay. A hypnotizing sound that would lure anyone so easily under low self esteem into his chaotic rhythm of music. This wasn't intended overall. Instead he just kept playing the cold night. Playing for the full moon in favor of this peaceful night, a cold night.

Finally after afew hours of playing he vanished into the night's embrace. Later that morning he was still awake and tiredsome looking. He wasn't in reality though it seemed like he was everyday. He was sitting by his tomb. A crumbled up shrine of angel's surrounding it. Old, very old. Some web could be seen. Suddenly a crow screeched out loud behind Tensenga. He did looked back to see it. The crow had flew off by then. His eyes kept looking at the sky the crow had left for a sort peroid of time, however, his eyes began to linger away from the sky and down towards the ground. Slightly closing. He stood up stretching and yawning a bit. His fangs could be seen in the daylight. A warmth morning it was. By the time he finished stretching and yawning he was already on the move. Walking away from the graveyard he had slept in. He carried his violin his right and in his left nothing. The string to play it was also in his right hand.

Slowly he vanished from the area into a small forest. A forest that would lead into a new life, era, and experience. What does the new world hold for Tensenga and his methods? Was there war? All of this was running through his mind. Questions, just too many questions.

[Sorry for shortness x.x]

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PostSubject: Re: Tensenga Numai (Vampire)   Tensenga Numai (Vampire) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 20, 2009 9:58 pm

Yeah, the sample should be longer if your going for true ancestor.

Tensenga Numai (Vampire) Utzf

Should you cry Amen and Kill, The world Will Slip into its rightful place.This world is nothing more than one night Carnage Filled Dream, one Sleep, One Intoxication!!! This Dawn i have Truely Become One with Death.. I am Truely the Angel of Death!!!
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Tensenga Numai

Tensenga Numai

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PostSubject: Re: Tensenga Numai (Vampire)   Tensenga Numai (Vampire) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 20, 2009 9:59 pm

Ahhh, I might as well do a 1k >.>'

I really am a bit tired but will do I guess.
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PostSubject: Re: Tensenga Numai (Vampire)   Tensenga Numai (Vampire) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 21, 2009 1:07 pm

Tenny, don't worry about it. It looks fine to me. I mainly just want more than two paragraphs, which you easily fulfilled. Congratz. XD

This said... you're approved. :3

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PostSubject: Re: Tensenga Numai (Vampire)   Tensenga Numai (Vampire) Icon_minitime

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Tensenga Numai (Vampire)
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