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 Kassandra [Demon Lord]

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PostSubject: Kassandra [Demon Lord]   Kassandra [Demon Lord] Icon_minitimeSat Apr 18, 2009 6:14 pm

Name: Kassandra
Gender: Female
Approximate Age: 4502
Appearance Age: 19
Birth Date: June 6th
Race: Demon
Country of Summoning: Russia
Alignment: Evil

-Height: 5'6"
-Weight: 135 lbs
-Hair: Short, layered, and sky blue
-Eyes: Ruby red with an evil glint in them
-Skin Colour: Pale cream with red markings all over her body.
-Clothing: Kassandra [Demon Lord] Succubus2

Main ability: Charm - Kassandra is able to use her body to seduce human men into doing her dirty work with an 85% chance of success.

Personality: Flirty and unashamed, Kassandra is true to her name ("The breaker of men's hearts"). She is whimsical as well, and doesn't care at all what others think and will do whatever she wants, even if it involves using people, which she does often. Once she no longer has any use for her human slaves, she devours their souls and then goes on to seduce herself some more useful ones. However when bored, she plays with the hearts of human men and teases them, only to reject or devour them in the end, since she is rather choosy as to whom she enslaves.

History: Initially born as a low ranked Succubus, Kassandra hardly had any power and struggled to remain alive within the harsh Underworld. Thinking that she would be able to gain power, she snuck out into the human world, where she began to seduce males of the various races she could find above and devoured their souls, slowly succeeding in building her own power until two thousand years had passed and she thought herself powerful enough to survive back home, which was when she returned to the Underworld and continued her conquest for power there.

At the time, a single Incubus had been in charge of her race, and she eyed his power with a hungry eye, deciding that she would try to devour him, as well. She started off small, but soon managed to win herself (mainly through seducing and other sexual favours) herself a large following of demons, which she used in her coup d'etat against her Lord, who put up a valiant fight, but was soon killed and his soul implanted within Kassandra's own by a Demon Lord acquaintance of hers named Abaddon (whom she generously rewarded afterward).

She spent a another two thousand years on her throne, ruling the other Incubi and Succubi and wickedly dispatching anyone that stood in her way, until some humans thought it would be interesting to summon a powerful demon to do their bidding. Of course, Kassandra was not amused by this, but then thought that they could be useful to HER in some way and seduced all of them, turning them into incubi and enslaving them. She then wandered around Russia with her slaves as she continued to toy with the hearts of men and planted a few chaotic seeds into the minds of a few of the men she slept with, which in turn grew and helped to cause a bloody revolution, which amused her to no end. Since then she has taken to wandering around the world, inciting mayhem and playing with the hearts of the humans she wanted to suffer oh so much.

RP Sample: Tap taptap tap taptap tap. Kassandra drummed her fingers on a table in a pub as she waited for people to arrive. It was Saturday, the sun was setting, she had picked a table in a corner of the pub where the light was best (all the better for men to notice her and stop to check her out), and it was coming on the time that people would show up. However, there was hardly anyone inside aside from her and it was BORING. Not to mention, she was hungry and that only fed her impatience.

Sighing, she glanced up at the tv, which depicted some smushed vehicle that apparently drove off the freeway into a ditch and she rolled her eyes. Humans were so stupid. She then glanced at her slaves, who were all gathered at a table, drinking and playing cards, no doubt biding their time until some girls came in, as well. She watched as one confidently slapped his hand down onto the table, obviously thinking he was winning. However, one of the others smirked and slapped his hand of cards down, forcing the first to groan and pull his hair all dramatically, causing her to smirk a bit. She knew that if he got any more upset, he would be forced to prey on men that night, which he really seemed to hate, but that went with being what they were.

Finally the bell on the door rang as it opened and Kassandra's ruby eyes flicked in its direction as a few young men walked in, causing her smirk to grow. This was perfect. She quickly observed the men, looking for the best looking of the group. Quickly enough, one of the men noticed her in the corner and pointed her out to his friends before they all walked over to her table.

"Excuse me, miss, are these seats taken?" asked one as he smiled at her, leaning on the table as she looked up at him, smiling in return.

"No, it isn't," she replied gently, smiling as they took their seats next to her. The best looking one just happened to be the one who sat down next to her and she would have to get him to move before she could get out, anyway, which worked for her. She quickly ordered them some drinks, smirking inwardly as she ignored their protests. They were all doomed, anyway. She was hungry, and it was now dinnertime.
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PostSubject: Re: Kassandra [Demon Lord]   Kassandra [Demon Lord] Icon_minitimeSat Apr 18, 2009 6:57 pm

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Kassandra [Demon Lord]
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