A vampire roleplay loosely based off of Tsukihime. Come and enjoy the night in this alternate universe.
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 Adam Wongs partner, Dalkra.

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Adam Wongs partner, Dalkra. Empty
PostSubject: Adam Wongs partner, Dalkra.   Adam Wongs partner, Dalkra. Icon_minitimeThu Apr 16, 2009 8:06 am

Name: The Scythe Of Calamity.Dalkra.

Type: A pure white scythe with an eight foot handle and the scythe blade is five foot.


Adamantium like hardening Augmentation

Ice Augmentation (Freezes on impact)

Sharp Augmentation


Aside from being a very large heavy and powerful weapon.It has the ability to blast fourth a powerful blade shaped burst from the tip of its blade when swung.The strength of the blast depends on how long the weapon has been used by using it the weapon awakes.When used for three post to charge the scythe is capable of firing a blade shaped blast of black negative energy and powerful enough to blow off the entire side of a building with ease.When used for six post without firing the scythe becomes further awakened, and is capable of blasting a much larger half moon shaped green blast twice as destructive as the black one this is only if the black one had not been fired before hand.

When the scythe has been used for nine post it becomes fully awakened, and is capable of firing a exteremly large full moon shaped white blast with enough destructive power to level an entire city block.This weapon will not accept anyone but Castiel as its master, as such if anyone eles tried to wield it their hand would be burned by an extremely corrosive black substance.


Dalkra was crafted by Castiel himself thousands of years ago at the beginning of his life in the underworld.He spent 10,000 years making the base for the scythe, it was made of otherworldly materials not found in the human world one particularlly hard substance known as hell metal.This special metal was likely far harder and stronger then anything that could be found in the human world, its hardness could be capared to Adamantium.The negative energies of the underworld where combined with divine energies of a more heavenly place, and infused into dalkra.

The weapon was not holy and yet was not unholy either.Castiel took this weapon with him everywhere, even to the human world and soon the weapon was filled with only negative energy fueled by his own power.Dalkra became known as the scythe of calamity, whenever castiel appeared after a great calamity occurred in the human world, dalkra was always with him.
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Adam Wongs partner, Dalkra. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adam Wongs partner, Dalkra.   Adam Wongs partner, Dalkra. Icon_minitimeThu Apr 16, 2009 11:06 am


Adam Wongs partner, Dalkra. 0BWU Adam Wongs partner, Dalkra. Ja0q Adam Wongs partner, Dalkra. GisY Adam Wongs partner, Dalkra. SQyw Adam Wongs partner, Dalkra. SYXc
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Adam Wongs partner, Dalkra.
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