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 Rasen - Demon Lord

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PostSubject: Rasen - Demon Lord   Rasen - Demon Lord Icon_minitimeWed Apr 15, 2009 9:26 pm

Name: Rasen
Gender: Male
Approximate Age: 5532
Appearance Age: 17
Birth Date: 4467 BC
Race: Demon
Country of Summoning: Canada
Alignment: Evilish Good (Evil methods with the intent of good)

Appearance: Rasen - Demon Lord Child9
-Height: 5' 11''
-Weight: 130 lbs
-Other: On both hands Rasen has a black tattoo in the image of a flaming skull.

Main ability: Rasen has the ability to manipulate fire in any way he sees fit. However he cannot raise the temperature to levels such as a star's heat.

Personality: Rasen is a self-centered, manipulative bastard that thinks about himselkf first before anyone else. He wants to correct all the problems in the world by either eliminating humans or enslaving them so that they do not cause further damage to the planet. It is his belief that the world is far better without humans so he quite often tries to start wars between them in the hopes that they will wipe each other out or make themselves very weak. However should the situation call for it he can be kind, he simply choses not to be.

History: Rasen was born in the darkest pits of hell from fires so hot they could burn light itself. He was raised by the devil himself and many thought him to be the heir to the Demon throne. Rasen spent over 4000 years in hell looking for some entertainment beyond the torture of souls. At around 1500 AD he was summoned by a group of foolish humans researching into black magic. He promptly consumed them to give himself a sustainable body. Over the next several centuries he hid amond humans to amuse himself, being entertained by starting wars between them and basking in their suffering. He was the true source of some of the worst wars of all during this period. When the humans closed in on the 20th century he watched their rapid advancements in technology. At first this amused him as it opened up the doors to a constantly new source of entertainment. However eventually he saw the planet suffering in a way the outmatched the humans in every scale. Torturing humans was one thing but to see these rats destroying the planet they were on to turn trees into thin week sheets of parchment disgusted him. Especially since those small slips were treated as the life force of the planet. He resolved himself to find a way to stop this. Since pain and suffering and death were all he knew he had decided the best course would be to remove the humans to let the planet be free of their annoyance. He has spent a good deal of time marshalling an army for this very task.

RP Sample: Rasen sat upon the throne built for him by lesser demons inhabiting humans. He watched these morons toil day after day as they slaved to please him. Day after day more troops came from down below and inhabited the humans in positions all over their infrastructure. Today was like every other day. There was nothing for him to do but sit, eat, and torture humans. On the bright side he was supposed to get out for a while later today. On the down side it was for some stupid arranged marrage that the Demon King had ordered him to partake in. As for why he was to be bothered with it was anything but amusing but he at least was going to get out of this annoying little place for a while. That in itself made him happy for today, even if his day was planned for him.

He stood up from the throne and decided to walk around the place in search of something to do. Although there were several small events there wasn't really much for him to do but wait. He wandered around until arriving at the kitchen. The cooks brought him a light snack and he left the kitchen with it. Through out the halls various people soluted him but they really did bore him intensely. It seemed like nothing would entertain him aside from his planned trip and even that was unamusing at the moment. Upon finishing his light meal he handed the plate over to a guard and sent him to return the plate. To releave himself of the boredom he went to his room to lie down until something amusing happened.

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PostSubject: Re: Rasen - Demon Lord   Rasen - Demon Lord Icon_minitimeWed Apr 15, 2009 9:27 pm

Looks good, but the rp sample should be much longer for a demon lord
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PostSubject: Re: Rasen - Demon Lord   Rasen - Demon Lord Icon_minitimeThu Apr 16, 2009 4:03 pm

A little short, but since you keep things to the point, Approved.

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PostSubject: Re: Rasen - Demon Lord   Rasen - Demon Lord Icon_minitime

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Rasen - Demon Lord
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