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 Castiel, Adam wong.

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PostSubject: Castiel, Adam wong.   Castiel, Adam wong. Icon_minitimeWed Apr 15, 2009 4:32 pm

Name:The name he is most fond of would of course be devil, he does go by many names, most of them being self proclaimed titles he has given himself.Castiel was his birth name and is his true name which he shares with almost no one.The name he normally goes by would be, Adam Wong.


Approximate Age:53,540.

Appearance Age:20

Birth Date:June 13.

Race: Demon

Country of Summoning:The Atlantic Ocean

Alignment: Neutral, but at times evil.


-Height:5 feet and 11 inchs.

-Weight:2 hundred and 15 pounds.

-Hair:Snow white, long, wore in a loose.The front of his hair and bangs cover his face most of the time, his hair being tied back in a pony tail.

-Eyes:Castiel's eyes are a bright yellow color, his pupils are thin serpentine like slits.

-Skin Colour:Light Peach.

-Clothing:Castiel wears a plain long sleeved white shirt both, black dress like pants with a black belt.He wears black dress shoes.Also wearing two black gloves over his hands.He wears a long brown overcoat un-buttoned.Castiel wears a pair of round pitched black glasses that can't be seen into or seen out of effectively, blinding his sight while wearing them.

-Other:*Castiel's appearance perfectly mimics that of a normal humans for the most part.He however has a few features that set him aside from humans, for one his fingernails are clawed thus the need for him to wear gloves.The only other obviously not human part of him is his eyes.

Main ability: Creation and control of darkness and shadow and the ability to regenerate.

Personality:Castiel is what would be called a meddler, as he most of the time never gets involved in anything and yet always watches everything around him, sometimes giving things a little push to make them interesting be it with his presence or words to mess with others or tell them sometime that they did not know or prehaps something that would even trouble them.He is above all a detached observer, only getting involved in anything if it serves as a source of amusement.Castiel is in most cases a cold ruthless man, even as such that is not how he acts, and anyone who knew him well would know this to be true.He puts on a polite and kind front for others so that they never really know what he is thinking or how he truely is.

Above all he is not a entirely cruel or evil man despite being a devil, he has his moments of kindness and caring that are not merely a facade. He acts how he has to in certain situations that trickery is needed in, being prefect at telling lies and being deceitful to others.He however, is a man who sees no meaning in his own existence, only living for the sheer sake of it.Castiel appears to expect a great deal of others in many different ways, be them human or not.His personality has a elder brotherly nature to it, as twisted as it might be.


His histroy is a thing of the past.He remembers everything due to his flawless and prefect memory.The happenings of his past are nothing worth his remembrance other thn a few moments.He spent most of his life merely watching everything.Castiel would occasionally surface from the underworld to either watch or participate in events, in most cases he manipulated other with words or an invisible hand not directly involved.He appeared long enough in great battles of the past to make his presence known, but his intentions not.

Castiel rarely directly involved himself with others however, most times sticking to the shadows as a more amusing spot to watch things out from.The world and life itself interested him greatly.He searched for the meaning of his own existence by watching others.Castiel was always the devil who appeared right after a great calamity, sometimes to hinder and sometimes to help.After so many years he became bored with the world, returning to the underworld never to be seen again.That was the case, until a group of mages and alchemist summoned the devil to a large private boat they owned in search of the secrets of immortality, as he was rumored to know how to accomplish such a task.

RP Sample:

A large private boat floated out in the atlantic ocean.This boat was known as tee advenious priadous, and was owned by magic users and alchemist all of who had one thing in common.Immortality, something all greedy men who know of it seek, for who would not wish to have eternal and become ever living.These men gathered on this boat for one purpose, that was to summon fourth the devil with no name rumored to know these secrets.This devil was thought to know how to make a human being immortal, and for this reason a ritual was to be prepared.The men gathered around a circle carved upon the ground, seemingly runes drawn within, they began to spoke the words that would ultimately bring a devil into their midst.Everything inch of the boat began to creek.

The chant was interrupted by an ominous presence that filled every last part of the boat.Before the men who so eagerly summoned something beyond their understanding was but a faint shadow of a human, and this shadow carried with it a great presence that clearly was not that of a humans.The humanoid shadow swayed back and fourth, it was ever shifting.The men stared in awe at what was seemingly a successful summoning, clearly what was before them was more them a mere demon.Castiel would not show himself to these men however, this faint form he had taken from the shadows was more then enough to speak though.These men need not know his true form nor his name that was lost in the handes of time so very long ago, while ancient he certianly was giving he was not.


The men appeared surprised at his words, but he already knew what they wanted what other reason would he have been summoned for.Shadow and darkness danced before his voice as if commanded to.The men would have what they desired and in return he would watch them.He would merely watch them and see just exactly how they lived this this knowledge he gave them, which was unbeknownst incomplete.The elixir he had given them, told them to drink, and even instructed them on how to make more was flawed.For the very elixir itself allowed each immortal to devour each other given the right circumstances, he watched to see if they would fall to one of mankinds most primal instincts, fear.

He expected something from these men, and that was to see if they had the strength of will to overcome their desires and urges.From all he had seen in his life, very few humans beings possessed the will needed to become something more then a waste of life.Humans where power hungry fools who where not even fit to be called a human being.Castiel expected more from humans, valor, honor, bravery, the ability to perseverance though hardship with strength of mind and heart alone.This is what he believed will to be in its truest essence, something in which, he thought humans to no longer have.If it turned out these men did not have this, and betrayed his expectations he would kill them without hesitation.

As he predicted.The men had already began to kill each other like mindless beasts without a brain.Ignorant human beings not one of them had what he expected, it was of no matter for he would clean things up soon enough.Why was it that nothing went as planned, as much of a detached observer as he was.Castiel couldn't help but look for more in everything then was actually there, somewhat hoping it would be there.All the same things always proved as he thought them to be, not a single thing that existed had that.The genuine sense of life about them.Catiel had hoped that in finding this he could figure out that reason for his own existence, and in turn end his search for good.

And the hunt had began.The devil in which gave them eternal life would ironically be the one to take it from them.These pityful excuse for humans didn't deserve immortality, and from castiel's point of view they did not deserve to live either.The devil at last had shown himself and thus the hunt would truely begin.Castiel had appeared before one of the men, the man knew not of who he was and proceeded to attack him.He however had quickly taken a long sword that belonged to non other then the attacking man himself, the blade shiftly chopped off the mans head.Castiel however, stayed hidden in the shadows of the room still unseen.The man however was immortal a simple beheading would not finish it.One whom knew how to make another immortal also knew how to undo the act.Of course he could kill them, merely trash whom was not even a threat to him less then human.

The ship would reach its destination soon to none other then San Francisco.While he dreaded this waste of time it was worse to just up and leave.The devil's cold ruthless eyes gazed at the immortal man, and although he was dead the mans head would not merely reattach so quickly.His yellow eyes glowed from the darkness as he walked out towards the man, his clawed hand reaching out gripping around the decapitated head.Castiel smiled as he lifted the head towards his face, looking the man in the face he of course was not dead yet.The immortality was created as a temporary bond between castiel and the host, in this case the elixir was merely his blood.The effect of drinking his blood resulted in temporary super human ability in exchange for the host soul, the ability normally is random however with the knowledge he has of it, it was easy for castiel to replicate the temporary Immortality.

"You humans are so damned greedy.I think you would all be better off without knowledge of the supernatural, and just remain as mundane as possible.Well have all seen what kind of beast you really are.Sometimes i wonder who the devil is here, i pity you." Castiel remarked coldly.

He chuckled lightly.The devil let go of the head as it hit the ground he walked out of the room which was now being devoured and covered by a pitched darkness.The shadows followed solely behide him, leaving the room he was just in there was nothing left of the man seemingly devoured whole by shadow.His cold and ruthless eyes glemed violently, blurs of glowing yellow was all that could be seen within the mass of darkness.The shadows mass into many arms each one moved indepently of the others, moving throughout the boat they tore the men apart piece by bloody piece ultimently devouring them within the shadows.He left no single part of them behide, all was destroyed without a trace.

The boat had reached the shores and while all that was left inside was puddles of blood.Castiel himself had road stream of shadow to land not wanting to be around when the boat was found, he would save himself the trouble of dealing with human authorities.Unnecessary trouble was not wanted at all, he had his reasons more so since this day and age was far different from long ago when he used to walk the earth.Prehaps his search would bear fruit here then again prehaps not only time would tell, one thing was for sure his search was likely never ending.

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PostSubject: Re: Castiel, Adam wong.   Castiel, Adam wong. Icon_minitimeWed Apr 15, 2009 4:40 pm

Wow. Amazing, as usual. Approved.
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Castiel, Adam wong.
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