A vampire roleplay loosely based off of Tsukihime. Come and enjoy the night in this alternate universe.
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 Abaddon Cerreau

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Abaddon Carreau

Abaddon Carreau

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PostSubject: Abaddon Cerreau   Wed Apr 15, 2009 12:29 am

Name: Abaddon Cerreau

Gender: Male

Approximate Age: 7496

Appearance Age: 23

Birth Date: (Year not required.)

Race: Demon

Country of Summoning: Unknown

Alignment: Evil

-Height: 6'3
-Weight: 185
-Hair: Black
-Eyes: Yellow
-Skin Colour: Caramel
-Clothing: *Note: Look at Picture*
-Other:* He does have black angel wings that grow out of his back. They cover a wing span of 12 feet when fully extended. Each feather is as black as night almost blending in with the darkness of the world. Also the 4 amber jewels consist of the millions of souls he had captured and turned into his own power. They were used in his earlier days before he knew how to maniuplate other souls and convert them into things he wanted.

Main ability: Soul Power

Personality: Abaddon is a very relax and calm man. Even though majority time he comes off as a cold hearted bastard that shows no mercy. He is a very keep to himself kind of man, keeping his opinions to himself. He does not put his trust in others as he had learned over the 1000s of years that trust no man better than one self. Although when meeting new people he always comes off as a friendly man but the entire time he is thinking what would be the fastest way to kill this person. His friendly vibe always allows him to drop the guard of others due to his voice being very calm and never changing. His voice is quiet loud as it carries across my places easily. It carries a serious yet very friendly calm tone behind it. Abaddon notice that when one loses control of one self their judgment becomes cloudy and they often tend to make multiple mistakes. All in All Abaddon is a very carefree friendly killer.


His history has begun to a giant blur in his eyes. He remember names and places but the events and details have begun to slip his memory. It sorta seem like most of his memories have moved into a repress stage. Which all he needs would be something to re-trigger that event or time in his life and he would remember it as if it happened that day. Abaddon decided to do that with his memory to keep his judgment clear. Having over 7000 years of memory in one brain is a lot to keep up with. He does remember that most of his life took place around the battlefield taking human, vampire, and lycans lives daily. On occasion he would take another demon life if they opposed him or got in his way.

For each person he killed he begun to gather and collect their souls. It got to one point that he begun collecting any soul of a dead person to feed his own power to make him become stronger. That is why Abaddon face begun to surface around the Wars letting the other races do his work for him. He enjoy taking Vampire souls the most as they were enriched with power. He begun It was rumored that his Soul Power was a gift from God himself. As if they made a little secret agreement between the two for him to have such great power and speed.
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Abaddon Carreau

Abaddon Carreau

Posts : 30
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PostSubject: Re: Abaddon Cerreau   Wed Apr 15, 2009 12:50 am

RP Sample:

The night was quiet, The moon shined brightly over the over populated city. The stars could barely be seen due to the great and massive light that the city was producing. The Streets were crowded with people. Some being just mere humans while others used to hide their presence within the mass population. On top of the building was a man standing in a brown trench coat that went down to his knees. His black hair swinging in the wind blowing against his demon horns. His bright yellow eyes looking over the streets sensing for a nice vampire to take out tonight. Vampires were always easier to spot for him either it being their pale skin or the way they moved about the crowd.

His yellow eyes begun to blink rapidly as the rain fall begun to fall from the skies. A smile came across his face knowing that the rain would make his job easier. It was the perfect cover to hid his presence in as well as drown out the sound of a person screaming. Abaddon walked to the edge of the building before stepping off the side of the building. It was a nice five story drop before he hit the ground gracefully not even making a sound. He quickly palmed striked a human in the chest killing him instantly. As the man was falling Abaddon grabbed him and dragged him into a little alley taking his umbrella away from him.

A smile came across his face using the umbrella to hide his demon horns from the sight of the humans. It was so much easier to parade around the city when it rained. A distant scream could be heard down a alley which was very easy for Abaddon to pick up do to his long pointy ears. He quickly appeared in the alley to notice a female vampire feasting on a rich man in a business suit. The female vampire quickly turned towards Abaddon showing him her fangs. Abbadon let out a loud chuckle as he was not worried about this weak vampire. The only ones he needed to worried about were the True Ancestors. The ones who didn't need to feed but only feed themselves for pure entertainment.

The female Vampires bright blue eyes looked straight into the yellow eyes of Abaddon. She quickly took off towards him lunging at him like a cat. Abaddon quickly meet her neck with his hand smacking her legs with his other hand slamming her down into the puddles of the back alley. "You know, You should really be careful who you attack...You just might now make it out alive" Abaddon said in a sweet calm gentle voice. He snapped his right hand which begun to produce a powerful bright white light that looked like flames. Abaddon quickly squeezed his claws into her neck puncturing it before slinging her against the wall. A loud thud echoed through the alley before a powerful bright light struck her body instantly vaporizing her body. Not even a trace of her exisitence was left when he had finished with her.
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PostSubject: Re: Abaddon Cerreau   Wed Apr 15, 2009 1:01 am

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Abaddon Cerreau
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