A vampire roleplay loosely based off of Tsukihime. Come and enjoy the night in this alternate universe.
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 Non-Human Races Info

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Here is some info on the non human races, so that everyone may understand them almost equally.


True Ancestors are the "purest" and strongest of the vampires. They have abilities and strength that vampires of lower levels dream of having and they have the ability to walk out in daylight and don't even need to drink blood to survive. They're not repelled by crosses and may only dislike garlic only because of its smell. Holy water also doesn't have an effect on them, if any effect at all. However, even though they don't need to drink blood to survive, some do enjoy the taste of human blood and the humans they drink from join the vampire race for eternity as a group known as the Dead Apostles, who have their own power, even though they're not nearly as strong as their progenitors. Dead Apostles have to drink blood to keep themselves alive and of those they drink from, only a small handful of strong willed individuals become actual vampires.


Commonly known as the Werewolf, though there are many other kinds of were-creatures dwelling under this classification. Each type tends to either work alone or form a pack, of which there is only one Pack Alpha, or the strongest of those among him. Lycans take human form normally and the stronger ones don't need a full moon to transform. All the lesser ones need to wait for the full moon to utilize their power.


Creatures of the dark that never originated from Earth to begin with, even though they are commonly found there preying on humans. They are from the Underworld, and each type of demon is ruled by a Demon Lord. Depending on the type is what power each demon has, and how strong they are. The most unique of these being the Succubus and Incubus, as they tend to switch genders when irritated and/or stressed, which can or can't be used to their advantage.
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Non-Human Races Info
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