A vampire roleplay loosely based off of Tsukihime. Come and enjoy the night in this alternate universe.
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 Zonradicu (Aka Zone)

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PostSubject: Zonradicu (Aka Zone)   Zonradicu (Aka Zone) Icon_minitimeSat Apr 11, 2009 2:24 am

Name: Zonradicu aka Zone
Gender: Male
Approximate Age: 3456
Appearance Age: Early Twenties
Birth Date:
Race: Vampire
Nationality: Zone was born in a small town outside of Romania
Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Zonradicu (Aka Zone) Anime_guy
-Height: 6'3''
-Weight: 220
-Hair: Black
-Eyes: Dark Brown
-Skin Colour: Brown
-Clothing: Get a pic up soon.

Main ability: Zone can control light and dark energy. He can make light projectiles and dark projectiles, and move through the shadows literally, in another dimension. The light he creates can have explosive properties as well. Kush also has the affect to control peoples emotions. Control as in influence them to feel that way, and the longer they're around him the more they feel that emotion.

Personality: Zone is a very stern and to the point. He is very serious and doesnt like to be on the spot light. He is usually the one to laugh and point out a few things that go on in a conversation. Zone's personality has changed over the years, becoming more modern and street. He found out that he could blend into alot of places because of his personality and usually stays in the back to avoid suspision.

History: Zonemitsu doesnt remember his origin, he just remembers wandering around society for the thousands of years he has been alive. He can blend into crowds easily dispite his big stature. He has been through historic events, his overall appearace allowing him to stay in society without suspiscion. Recently, he has become intrigued with the new fads of the world, and has actually enrolled at a high school.

RP Sample:

Zone walked the crowed halls of the his new school, the buzz about him was exponential. He had so many rumors about him and he wasnt even there for more then 4 hours. He walked by a group of girls and they stared quietly, then turned back into their huddle as they chatted about him eagerly. He walked around a corner, passing two students that looked like they belonged in chess club, and walked pass a couple of guys talking in the corner. They didnt say anything, they just glared at him, sizing him up. Zone wasnt used to so many eye's being on him. Thats probably why he enrolled at this place anyway, to see what the next generation was about.

Zone walked by the gym and looked inside the doors windows. The students were all dressed up differently, but all had the same look, like they were about to do some extra curricular activities. Zone had been informed that he had a class period at the gym, and he was interested about these peoples games. They were all bouncing a ball and shooting it into the basket above. Basketball. Zone had been around about the time the sport was made, so he was pretty familiar with it. After a couple seconds of watching, he continued to walk down the hallway. He was headed towards room 107. A Miss Calman was the instructer. Zone was pretty sure he would fit in. Even though he wasnt to up to date with the terminology that the kids used. Still, he was a sharp learner, and he knew how to adapt to most situations.

Zone walked down a long straight hallway, it was pretty bright because of the lights, and it had that hospital hallway feel to it. He looked at a doorway with the correct numbers, and knocked on the door. He could smell the living humans on the other side of the door, it was great. But he knew he couldnt do anything to then, it would blow his cover and leave him without any new experiances. The knob to the door opened jiggled, and twisted around, unlocking the mechanism that held the door in place. The door creaked open, and a women in her late 40's came out with a suprising look, then smiled warmly at him. The women wore a pair of glasses that were slim and fitted her eyes almost perfectly. Her brown hair was netted back with what seemed to be some type of tie, and her lips were lapped over a dark red lip stick. She was strange to him, seeing he was from a whole different universe then her. "Ah you must be Michael. Come in come in! We are eager to meet a person that has travelled so far to come and be with us!" She said, and walked back into the room, edging him to follow. Zone walked in oblivously, and stopped when the women stopped infront of him.

"Class, this is Michael Morzino. He is from across the seas." She smiled to the class as the students said back a "Hello Michael." They seemed to like him. He could tell that they were curious about him, but other than that he didnt know. Zone felt calm and collective, and it almost radiated off of him. The whole class was calm too, it was almost tranqiul all of a sudden. The teacher showed him his desk and walked away to the front of the room. Zone was about to start a new, other life. It was exciting to him. He never really got to do anything fun since his times in the Watts Riots, which he had alot of fun in. Zone had been all over the place in the timeline. And know he was here. It was time for him to start something good for once...[quote]

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PostSubject: Re: Zonradicu (Aka Zone)   Zonradicu (Aka Zone) Icon_minitimeSat Apr 11, 2009 3:38 pm

Looks good. Now get your appearance pic up, and you'll be approved.
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Zonradicu (Aka Zone)
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