A vampire roleplay loosely based off of Tsukihime. Come and enjoy the night in this alternate universe.
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 Belphegor Moonshine(finished)

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PostSubject: Belphegor Moonshine(finished)   Belphegor Moonshine(finished) Icon_minitimeSat Apr 11, 2009 1:33 am

Name: Belphegor Moonshine
Gender: Male
Age: 1009
Birth Date: May 12, 1900
Race: Lycan-Demon Hybrid
Nationality: Romanian
Alignment: Nuetral, but can be evil at times

Appearance: Demon Appearance:

Belphegor Moonshine(finished) 37

Lycan Appearance:

Belphegor Moonshine(finished) Werewolf

-Height: 6'8
-Weight: 155 lbs
-Hair: Belphegor's hair is the same as it is in the picture, purple, very much and is spikey, tons of bangs, and a cool wave goin to it
-Eyes: Belphegor's eyes are a crimson red, the exception being when he is in Lycan form
-Skin Colour: His skin is a tannish type of color, due to the fact that he has lycan in him he is not pale like the other demons
-Clothing:Same as the picture

Personality: Belphegor is a destructive type of person, wanting to take down the vampires as soon as possible,, willing to do anything to get to the head vampire. Ironically, he does not like war between his races, and usually sees it happening, making him angry and releasing his lycan form right away. Overall Belphegor may be destructive and cocky, but he is actually a very queit person when he's not destructive, and tends to get along with innocent demons.

History: Belphegor was born on May 12, 1900. He was born to James Belphegor III, his father and to his mother, Mayflower Moonshine. When the Lycans found out about Mayflower having a child with a demon, they quickly slayed her and the beast, watching them die together, leaving Belphegor to be raised on his own. As a child, belphegor was shunned from the other groups, humans, demons, lycans, vampires, all of them. They made fun of him because of the fact that he was a hybrid and called him "Mixed" creep or "Faggitshine", always being riddiculed. He never learned how to release his wolf powers, but everyone could tell of his lycan powers by his sharp claws, teeth and his tail. One day, a man named Myst appeared to him, Myst was also a hybrid, but of Vampire and Lycan, the most feared of all Hybrids. The Man took Belphegor in and taught him how to release his lycan form.

Centuries passed as Belphegor, Belphegor now being 300, and Myst continued to fight one another, Myst teaching him how to control his lycan side, and Belphegor learning his demon powers from natural use. One fateful day, Belphegor was fighting myst, and they got into a destructive fight, belphegor transformed into a lycan form, but this time it was different, this looked like no lycan, no but it was a more demon incantation. Belphegor was vicious, and he fought Myst with extreme might, killing the man. After Belphegor errupted from the form, he could never forgive himself, and decided not to speak to any lycans ever again.

After years of wandering on by himself, belphegor came across and organization called HaiTide. HaiTide was an organization that accepted hybrids, and took them in, as if they were their own race. The HaiTide leader trained Belphegor, taking a special interest to him because he was the only other demon-lycan hybrid other than himself. Belphegor trained with the leader for 400 years, the leader teaching him the arts of the demon, and the transformation of the lycan. One day, the Leader suddenly disappeared, leaving Belphegor alone in HaiTide. On that same day, Belphegor was attacked by all 700 members of the HaiTide all at once, he then released the destructive demon power once again, causing a war between 1 and 700, a year that would carry on for 300 years and destroy the entire Haitide society slottering each and everyone of them. Belphegor then became the dominate hybrid and used a seal to enfuse his demon and Lycan forms, so now he didn't have an original human form like lycans but his demon being his original form, the demon having an appearance of a human. Belphegor now wanders the streets in search of more hybrids, so that he can now start his own organization.

RP Sample: "Ahh, the mysterious Belphegor, you are the last remaining hybrid are you not?"

The Demon slayer called out, his lips slapping together, belphegor mocking him by making his fingers inclose on his thumb, as if it were a mouth. The man then shot an arrow, the brisk night moon shining upon the silver arrow that intended on killing the wolf demon. Belphegor simply caught it without attempt, showing his true power to this demon slayer and that he was not a wimp. He tossed the arrow into the air as he then bent his knees, aiming to shoot off into the air. He then pushed his legs off, lifting himself up off of the ground, feeling the cool breeze on him and his clothes wavering, flapping and clapping along with the brast winds. He then reveleaded himself a pair of black demon wings, ones of those that spread across the night sky, allowing him to levitate into the air and look down upon his opponent, chuckling, his arms at his side with a grin across his face, stretched far and wide. He then looked up and extended his arm up into the air, waiting for something as his hand sat in the air

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PostSubject: Re: Belphegor Moonshine(finished)   Belphegor Moonshine(finished) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 14, 2009 11:07 pm

opened high and wide, his hand waiting for something. The arrows then came back down, it being in a downward position and falling towards the hybrid, as if it were going to stab him, but he swiftly caught it in the nick of time, the arrow right above his head. The Demon slayer was shocked, getting a suprised expression upon his face and sweat trickeling down the sideburns of his face. Belphegor then lifted his arm and placed his hand calmly over his eyes, covering them and disallowing vision. He then took the arrow and threw it, aiming to try to peace the demon slayer in the head.

The demon slayer examined as his arrow was fired back at him with perfection. He then fired another arrow from his crossbow and clashed with the retailiated arrow. Then rapidly after, Belphegor was already behind him and threw a swing kick at the Demon slayer, aiming to clash his leg with the Slayer's arm. The attempt then hit and clashed with the slayers arm and sent him flying a good distance, breaking a few substances and flying through them, crash landing into a wall.

The demon slayer then leaned his head up, his head trembling and blood trickling out of his mouth, onto his chin and dripping down his awesome, leather cloak. The demon slayer looked up at the demon, coughing up blood from the crash. He then allowed a smirk to form onto his face, gaining confidence and beginning small talk.

"Ahh, didn't know a hybrid would be that strong, heh, you could've fooled me"

The slayer confessed, as he coughed up some more blood. Belphegor then swooped in for a landing, flapping his wings rapidly and loudly, circling around the structure that they slayer had crashed on. Belphegor then smoothly landed on his feet, the wings then evaporating from his back. He then looked the slayer in the eyes, fire burning in them, the red eyes filled with anger, Belphegor getting angry with the slayer's remark about Hybrids. He, Belphegor, was the one to kill the most extreme Hybrid of Vampire and Lycan, and took down a clan full of the rest of other hybrids, he knew, that him, the only remaining hybrid, shall carry on the name of Hybrids and not let it be talked to in vein, as if they were trash.

"Alas, You foolish man, I, Belphegor Cerburus Moonshine, am the only hybrid left. Those who shall so, disgrace the name of Hybrid, shall reep at the death of Hybrid as I will slay thee, forgiving thee not, but sentencing you unto death at the hands of what you thought was Weak."

Belphegor said as his eyes turned yellow, his mouth opening and his sharp canines revealing themselves.

"Ha! Stupid demon I'll slay you before you lay a hand on me"

The demon slayer said grasping a tight grip on his bow, his arm trembleing while trying to aim for the Hybrid. Suddenly, Belphegor began to change, his Canine teeth grew much longer in length, exstending past the normal size amount. He began to grow fur that wildly came out of each part of his body, growing at rapid speed and longer than most humans would have. Nails then began to grow longer and change shape, growing into vicious sharp fangs. His clothing had disinigrated, disappearing for the time being, and his toe nails repeating the same process as those on his finger. Lastly, he grew a long tail, which extended out from the human tail bone area. Even though the discription is detailed
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PostSubject: Re: Belphegor Moonshine(finished)   Belphegor Moonshine(finished) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 14, 2009 11:16 pm

The process is much to rapid to be seen by the human eye. Belphegor then stood before the enemy, his arms covered in bandages and his ears bringing about piercings, his neck also bringing about a vicious looking chain. The Lycan then stood before the slayer, looking him straight into the face. The lycan then roared loudly, crashing other things by him and elevating his right arm in the air, he jabbed his claw into the man's side, ripping off a large chunk of his skin and watching pools of blood spill out onto the floor, Belphegor just continued, biting the man in the neck and ripping off a piece of it, killing the man. He then began to rapidly rip and tear into the man's chest, watching blood, cells, tissue, organs and body parts being destroyed, after an hour long rampage, the Slayer was ironically the slane and Belphegor reverted back into his Demon form, his clothes appearing back as he did. He then looked at the dead body and threw a feather onto it.

"To be or not to be, that is the question; Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing, end them. To die, to sleep; no more; and by a sleep to say we end." Belphegor said quoting Shakespeare's To Be or not to be.

"Foolish slayer, thou art not what thou promised, as thee is only a simple human, looking for something fun or "entertaining" to adain"

He said, walking away from the scene and fading away in the moonlight, never to see the man again.
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PostSubject: Re: Belphegor Moonshine(finished)   Belphegor Moonshine(finished) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 14, 2009 11:47 pm

God, that was long. Okay, approved. XD
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PostSubject: Re: Belphegor Moonshine(finished)   Belphegor Moonshine(finished) Icon_minitime

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Belphegor Moonshine(finished)
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